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Trying to podcast

I am presently a frustrated podcaster. A colleague and I have taken over a podcasting project from a librarian who left for another position a couple of months ago. We got up to speed on the basics of audio editing, no problem. The library even bought us a Macbook so we could use Garageband and Podcast Maker.

Then we had to get accounts set up on the server where the podcast files are. This was much more complicated than it needed to be. The IT guy who administered the account needed details from us that we didn't have. I tried to get people who might have the info talking to one another instead of using me as a conduit, which didn't seem to work very well. Finally someone dug up an old e-mail that had the needed details, and this week we got accounts set up.

So now I'm trying to set up Podcast Maker to upload the files I've had sitting around for a while. I've got no information about how the feed was set up previously, so I'm guessing at the settings until I can figure it out. Hopefully one of our IT guys has another e-mail saved from the previous setup.

This should not be this complicated.

If I'd known how long and how much trouble this would be, I'd have just started over from scratch instead of trying to take over the old feed. I may yet... Fortunately this is an experimental first run, and we're basically archiving events for an internal audience. Once we work out the kinks and find an easier setup, I have ideas for podcasts for public consumption.

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  1. Hi! Nice blog. :-)

    What will you be podcasting about?

  2. hang in there and shake your fist at the person who left without leaving halfway decent instructions.

  3. @Kristina:
    Thanks! Have been meaning to set this up for ages. We’re recording two semi-regular events: Infoforums, where someone from the library presents about some new initiative, project or whatever; and Director’s Chats, where our director addresses the library and answers questions. They don’t want them podcast to off-campus addresses, so it has to be set up on a particular server that can control access.

    @jessamyn: Oh yes, I’m on that one already. Even the guy who was working with him on it doesn’t have all the info.

    In the fall I have plans for a library how-to instructional podcast. I’m going to try to resist the urge to just set up a libsyn account and do it from there.

  4. You should, of course, take my podcasting class from Simmons ;)

    I like LibSyn; it’s quick and easy and does the feed part and hosting for you. I’m lazy, though :)

  5. @Beth: Yeah, I know, I know, libsyn would by far be the path of least resistance. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option on this particular project, since someone else started it.
    Send me a link to the Simmons workshops again, would ya?

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