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Quick note from ALA

I'm packing up for the night and just wanted to record a few quick things. I haven't had as much or as easy access to wireless as I'd hoped this weekend. That's partly due to battery life, partly due to lack of free wireless in conference hotels (sheesh! what year is this?), and partly just because I've been busy all weekend. Also, my next laptop will have two characteristics: longer battery life and lighter weight.

The session notes that I have managed to upload so far came out as a garbled mess, but I'll be going back and reformatting them so they're more readable. I didn't have time for more than a quick copy and paste.

Two last notes:

First, I am dying to attend "Once upon a furl in a podcast long ago," the session about using emerging technology in library instruction, Monday morning from 8-12, but we're leaving too early in the day for me to make it to any significant part of it. If anyone will be blogging, podcasting, recording or otherwise archiving it, I'd be really grateful if you would let me know. (What's the digital version of the verb "to videotape"?)

Second, I don't want to attend any more sessions on social software that begin with "What is a blog/wiki/RSS feed/podcast?". Perhaps I need to beg my library to send me to Computers in Libraries or Internet Librarian?

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