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New tech workshops

I'm very proud of my colleagues on our instruction team.  We had been teaching about the same batch of workshops for several years now, and we typically get very lackluster turnouts for most of them (except EndNote -- I've occasionally had to turn people away from full EndNote workshops in the fall because there weren't enough seats).  We put out a call for some new and revised workshops this semester, with a particular eye to some new technology-related content.  I'm really pleased with some of the new stuff we're offering.

I'm going to teach one about using RSS in research; it'll be an intro to what RSS is and how to subscribe to a feed, and I'll lead into some databases that offer RSS feeds.  Our brand-new GIS librarian is offering at least three different ones (!) on digital mapping tools.  Another colleague is doing one on collaboration using del.icio.us, Google Docs and wikis.  Someone else is planning a Zotero workshop for next semester.

I really feel like this will revitalize our workshop program.  I'm just hoping we get some good turnout for these.  I had to restrain myself from offering to teach every new workshop idea I thought of.  I'm also going to be offering a new EndNote Web workshop this semester, and I was afraid of making a commitment to create too much new material and running out of time.  (I've got a heavy instruction load the first few weeks of the semester already.)

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