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RA presentation

This afternoon I gave a presentation on library services to a group of student residence advisers.  I wasn't quite sure what to show them -- my directive was "a sampling of library services that they might find useful."  So I made a slide show called "Ten things you (or your residents) might not know about library services."  I went really broad, and showed them everything from placing storage requests, to interlibrary loan, to borrowing agreements with other local schools, to EndNote.  Since these were sophomores to seniors, I didn't do any of the real basic stuff I might show to first-years, but tried to pick out tips and techniques that students often seem not to know about.

I was anxious about it, because I have a lot of back-to-school work going on this month (we all do!), and I didn't feel I'd done as much preparation as I'd like.  Then again, I never do, and I rarely bomb completely.

Everything went great.  They were mostly a very outgoing bunch, asked intelligent questions, and kept the session going with some good back-and-forth discussion.  They loved EndNote and I got some "whoa"s as I created a bibliography out of thin air.  I put in a plug for them to request library programming in their residence halls, took them on a visit to our archives and technology centers, and I dare to think they even enjoyed themselves.  A very encouraging way to start the semester's instruction work.

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