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library card

I had today off since I worked the reference desk on Sunday. In between working on class projects, I went over to get a library card.

I'm faintly embarrassed that I haven't had a public library card in about fifteen years. When I was a broke student (well, okay, when I was a broke undergraduate student) I used to regularly check out videos from the excellent downtown library on my way home. Since moving to my current home I have worked for universities continuously, so I've always had easy access to big libraries and hadn't bothered with a public library card. The really embarrassing part is that my closest branch is literally about two blocks from my house.

My library (the one I work in) has almost no audiobooks, and we always get questions about them at the end of the semester as students prepare to travel, so I'm working on a web guide to free audiobooks to put up before the end of the school year. I discovered that Netlibrary has a collection of audiobooks, but we don't subscribe to them. My public library does, so I finally got a card to nose around the collection.

I think I'll actually be using it more than I thought. I forgot how much more fiction public libraries have than academic ones. I have been getting all the novels that MPOW doesn't have via interlibrary loan, but I think I'm more likely to get them from the public library now that I have access. I may start checking out movies again too -- Netflix is great, but doesn't allow spur-of-the-moment choices.

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