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I'm playing the meme game!

My tech-nots:

  •  Texting.  I don't hate it, I just don't use it that much even though my latest phone has a QWERTY keyboard.  I've discovered that I use it a lot at conferences and conventions, when I'm suddenly in dire need of coordinating whereabouts with multiple friends who all text.  Since my phone provider charges me 15 cents per message, I've started adding a $5/400 message text package to my phone plan before I go to a conference, and cancel it when I get home.
  • Likewise, mobile internet.  I like the idea of it a lot, but T-Mobile wants me to pay twenty bucks a month for something I'd use pretty infrequently.  I'm already paying for a landline that we only keep because we have DSL.  Maybe it's because I'm so rarely far from a computer whether I'm at home or work.
  • Anything to do with databases.  I don't mean that in the sense of searching online article databases, of course; I do that constantly on the reference desk and for my own research.  But those things that live on a server behind the scenes and make the pretty search engines and blogs and wikis work... No clue; I'm pretty sure they're powered by elves.  At one point I realized I had several acquaintances who were database administrators.  Then I realized that I actually had no idea whether they were actually database admins or not -- somehow "database admin" had become shorthand in my head for "They work with technology in some capacity but I don't know exactly what it is they do."
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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot texting on mine! I just never got into that like a lot of my friends are.

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