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Zotero workshop outline

I just posted my teaching outline for my new Zotero workshop.  Consider it CC-licensed, and please let me know if you find it useful.  I'd be particularly glad to get feedback from Zotero users or instructors.

By chance, yesterday's maiden voyage for this class ended up being a small group of my library colleagues, which was a great beta test.  They grilled me pretty thoroughly, and thought of many questions I hadn't considered!  It was a very useful way to try out a new class, and if possible I'm going to try to  arrange a similar test run for future workshops.  I'm thinking if I just sent an e-mail to my team (30 or so librarians) saying I'm offering it as a training session, I'd get a good turnout.

That's one more thing crossed off the spring semester to-do list, which feels really really good.

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