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On Free Audiobooks

Photo by I've mentioned before that I'm starting a tiny crusade to get some good Creative Commons licensed material cataloged at my library of employment. (I also just asked them to catalog Library Student Journal, which is [w00t] publishing my article "Open Source Software in Museums," about which I'm very excited.)

At the end of every semester, students preparing to travel home over break start asking the reference desk about audiobooks to listen to while they drive or fly. This being an academic research library, we tend not to collect many -- we have like ten on CD in the collection, I think.

I'm going to put together a web guide on free downloadable audiobooks to go up in time for the end of the spring semester. For one thing, I'm poking around to compile a list of library systems in the Atlanta area that have them in their collection (which prompted me to finally get a library card). I also listen to a lot of fiction podcasts, and I'm going to add as many as possible to my web guide.

[Note: I'm looking for more good ideas to add to my list. Please drop a comment or e-mail if you have any suggestions for free downloadable audiobooks, ideally in formats suitable for loading onto portable media players.]

I was listening to an episode of Escape Pod this morning in which the editor talks about his plans to do more to promote the podcast, and I thought, "Hey, why don't we have stuff like this in our catalog? It would certainly make it easier for our users to find audio fiction." So I asked our catalog department to add it -- hopefully they will agree that this is a good idea, and since it's already got a Worldcat entry I can see I'm not the first person to think of it.

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