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Blogs: New LIS professionals

I realized recently that I've been collecting subscriptions to a number of blogs by MLIS students or new professionals. I find I'm particularly interested in reading work by people at a similar point to me in their careers. I get a lot of good ideas and inspiration that way. (If an MLIS student can be recognized as a mover & shaker, surely some of us have ideas worth listening to.)

I didn't actually realize how many I was subscribing to until I went to compose this post. Some of these I've been reading for months or years, and some I just added last week. My "New Librarians" subscription folder consists of:

heidi go seek
informing MUVEs
The Inspired Library School Student
Into the Stacks
Jan Dawson, 7/8 librarian
Life as I Know It
New Librarians Blog
nirak.net - Musings of an LIS Student
The Vital Library
What I Learned Today...

I think I'll make I have made a "New Librarians" blogroll heading just for these. Share the link love. And if you can recommend additions, better yet.

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  1. AMAZING list (love that there are so many McGillians on there…)!
    there must be more – i hope you get a ton of responses with folks posting their blogs!

  2. I hope so, Amy! If so I’ll update the post as we go.

  3. Hey Jason, thanks for including me in the list! You know I never realized how many non-LIS students I follow until a few days ago, which struck me as kind of odd.

    The epiphany to this happened with I saw that somebody hit my blog with a search from Twitter for “library student“. Curious, I clicked on the link myself and discovered that of the 35 people on Twitter that list Library Student in their profiles, you and I are the only ones that I recognized! I think I need to be adding a few more Twitter friends now.

  4. Fantastic, Heidi, and thanks — I don’t think I even knew about that Twitter search feature before now….

  5. Hi Jason,
    I found this post through The New Librarian’s Blog via The Inspired Library School Student! Just wanted to let you know about my (very new) blog…I’m just out of grad school in the UK biding my time in a sort-of-related non-library job while hunting for that elusive first professional librarian post! Like I said, I’ve pretty much just started up but feel free to check me out at http://www.infogeek.org :)


  6. Thanks for the link, Jason. It’s always great to find new student bloggers!

  7. Thanks, Infogeek! Added you to the New Librarians blogroll and my subscription list.

  8. Thanks for linking to the Vital Library. Maybe you guys will inspire me to post more often. ;-)