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Slideshare, that’s not a podcast

Slideshare offers a very cool feature they call "slidecasting," syncing audio with a slide presentation.

Unfortunately, they not only make the common mistake of referring to an mp3 as a podcast, they're actually using an RSS icon to indicate an mp3.

I keep meaning to do more with Slideshare. It seems like it would be a great way to do tutorials and such. We've got an audio tour in the works that's basically a slideshow with narration even though we're producing it as Quicktime video. I should consider doing a Slideshare version.

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  1. Ha!

    Good point. People seem to get the idea though even though it might be technically incorrect. Any ideas how we can use the terms correctly but still get the point across to our users.

    SlideShare cofounder

  2. Wow! I had no idea of this feature in SlideShare, but it is really cool. I do see a lot of potential for it. Thanks for pointing this out…

  3. well, how many times did you have to explain the diff to me?????

  4. Wow, Slideshare reads my blog?? Heh.

    Thanks for replying, Rashmi! Well, this is kind of a crusade of mine, just because I see the term misused so much by librarians.

    What’s wrong with just “mp3” instead of “podcast”? Or “audio file” if it works with other formats besides mp3?

    And a little musical note icon suggests “audio” to most people, I think. I love the headphones, but the orange RSS icon very definitely indicates syndicated content, not audio content.

  5. Heidi: I’m thinking that the next screencast tutorial I do might be an experimental slideshare instead. Their little flash app loads a lot faster than a quicktime video would.

    Anna: Yes, but you never listen to anything I say anyway. ;)

  6. not sure how similar they are, but I’ve used Powerbullet for creating slideshows with/without sound that can be used for instruction. it’s free and has a few neat features. it should still be available online. Oh, Hi.

  7. Very cool, Effing, and thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look at Powerbullet.