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Awesome Highlighter

Thanks to the Swiss Army Librarian for posting this tool: The Awesome Highlighter.

It allows you to select and literally highlight text on a web page, and creates a custom URL for your highlighted version that you can share. It adds a "jump to highlights" link at the top of the page to make it easy to spot your emphasized section.

For example, I highlighted a few words on the Library Society of the World FAQ. You can see my highlights at http://awurl.com/lxsevi52186.

How great would this be for IM or e-mail reference, to point out a particular area on a typical over-texted library page (cough)? The only hitch I can see is that it wouldn't work with most of our licensed databases since they don't generate stable URLs.

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  1. hi jason,
    try http://markkit.net

    it chaches pages, so it should work with your databases.

    then tell me if you liked it.

  2. Whoa! Zotero does highlighting and aniotatnng? Maybe I knew that but it doesn’t sound familiar.I’d really like it if it did it in PDFs. Macs’s native PDF reader does both but it is super clunky and greatly increases the file size.Maybe when your class is over we can have small conversation about this. I wonder how much file sizes change with Zotero.Good luck in your class! Now back to my own homework.

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