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Great intro to open source software

Michael Sauers posted a great presentation introducing the ideas and practical aspects of open source software, with examples from desktop applications to Linux to server software and library examples. He explains the concepts in a way that's highly suitable for non-techies. If you're curious about OSS I recommend it.

I like that Michael discusses the pros and cons in pretty honest terms here, and his point of view is (to borrow from Karin Dalziel) "OS agnostic" in a sensible way.  I'd have liked to hear a little more about library-specific applications, but cramming that into a 30-minute introductory presentation would have been tough.

It's a half-hour audio presentation and his slides are available as well (though the audio stands fine on its own).

Introduction to Open Source Software

(And another example of Twitter is becoming more useful to me: if I hadn't been following Michael on Twitter I probably would have missed this.)

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