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Conference presentation: Creating an Instructional Podcast

My colleague Rachel Borchardt and I are giving a session at the GOLD/GALILEO Users Group Conference on August 1st in Athens, GA.  Our presentation is:

"Let Your Audience Hear You: Creating an Instructional Podcast"

Interested in publishing an instructional podcast at your library? Learn the steps to design, plan and produce a podcast for your students using inexpensive hardware and mostly free software. We will discuss both instructional design and technological how-to, drawing on our experiences producing Woodruff Library’s Survival Guide podcast for undergraduates. We will include topics such as technology tools, publicity, “iTunes U”, and involving tech-shy colleagues.

I attended this conference last year and it really rocked -- I came away with more ideas and contacts than I usually do from a day at ALA.  I'm particularly excited to be co-presenting with Rachel, since she and I have been working on this together for quite a while and it'll be great to share some of what we've learned doing it.

Since this takes place about a week before I finish my MLIS degree, the timing seems particularly auspicious.

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  1. And by “auspicious”, you mean “beer-laden, once we are finished presenting”, yes?

  2. I’m sure I have no idea what you mean.

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