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Howto: Apply for a library job

I was skimming through the excellent 100+ Job Resources for Librarians post that I've seen linked from a couple of library blogs this week.  Most of the job listing sites (like ALA Joblist) are ones that I've seen before and have in my RSS aggregator already.

(By the way, my own tip: ALA Joblist allows you to set up a custom RSS feed with just the search parameters you want -- city, academic/public, salary range, etc.  It's very handy.)

There's a link on this list that I had apparently bookmarked some time back but had forgotten about: "HOWTO:Apply for a library job" on LISWiki.  This article is a must-read summary for new LIS graduates or for anyone looking for a librarian position.  It's got particularly good questions to ask during the interview cycle (from phone interview to offer) and several links that I'm still picking through.

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  1. Jason, this post has been extremely helpful to me. In particular, the article on the LISWiki. Thanks!

  2. That’s an awesome article, isn’t it? I had bookmarked it months ago and completely forgotten about it — I’m glad I spotted it again.

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