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Library-related tattoos

This was posted on BMEzine's Modblog today (Caution: the pictures linked below don't contain nudity, but BMEzine and Modblog often do.  Use due discretion before clicking):

Since I'm planning to commemorate completing my MLIS with a tattoo, I couldn't resist linking to it.  This one from last year is still my favorite, though:

No, I'm not getting my finger tattooed.  That would really hurt.

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  1. Will the commemorative tattoo be library themed? Just curious…

  2. Of course! I’m thinking of a jolly roger with glasses and crossed books. Watch this space for photos in early August.

  3. Cool…looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  4. Man, that’s cool. Now I feel totally generic with my purple and gold butterfly.

  5. You could add a QL549 call number to it.

  6. Hee, I love BME! I got my mls in ’06, but am *still* seriously tempted to ask someone to catalog me in LC so I can get my call number….

  7. Totally. You could get it on your spine.

  8. I am a MLS student, and I just recently got a tattoo on my ankle of the Kanji word for book…
    I liked the pictures of the other “librarian tattoos”

  9. its cool to see the tattoos in fingers.

  10. i love the tattoo, they look so cool

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