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Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin

Google Code has published (created? sponsored? I'm not sure how that works) a plugin for the Pidgin IM aggregator client that works with Facebook chat.  Once it's installed, you can add your Facebook account as a new account, and it works just like every other chat network.

This is great as far as I'm concerned.  I use Pidgin and am not a fan of Facebook chat (or web-based chat in general). Some of my friends use Facebook but not regular IM.

Facebook Chat Plugin for Pidgin

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  1. well it’s pretty much useless, i tried it just now and though i can see my contacts and they can receive messages from me…they are not able to send a message back since i appear offline as soon as i stop typing

    im about to try digsby and the FF toolbar to see how successful those apps take Fb chat out of the facebook interface

  2. I haven’t found it useless at all — works like a charm for me.

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