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My ALA Annual 2008 schedule

Here's my intended ALA conference schedule as it exists right now, Monday morning afternoon.  I haven't filled in all the gaps yet, but if I don't post it soon I won't get around to it.

Thursday: Airplane!


Library Instruction 2.0: Building Your Online Instruction Toolkit preconference (all day)

Maybe: LITA happy hour in the evening.


8:00: Try to catch the first hour or so of If We Don’t Call it Distance Learning, Does it Exist?

All morning: Library Instruction committee meetings.

1:30-3:30: LITA Social Software Showcase.

4-5:30: Science Fiction and Fantasy:  Looking at Information Technology and the Information Rights of the Individual (Cory Doctorow!)


8:30-10:00: The Highly Effective Job Search

10:30-12:00: Energize Your Instruction: Keep The Magic Alive for You and Your Audience

1:30-3:00: Either LITA Top Tech Trends or Privacy: Is it Time for a Revolution?

Monday: Airplane!

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