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EndNote styles in Zotero

It must be Zotero week.  Today the CompuMunkey blog reports that you can now import EndNote styles into Zotero!  I gave it a brief test and all seems to work as intended, though as I posted yesterday I'm now using the beta of Zotero 1.5 for its new sync feature, so I'm not sure if this works under version 1.0.6.

This has been one of the few points that Zotero has had to concede to EndNote -- Zotero ships with a handful of styles, and EndNote ships with, what, 2500?  Good news indeed.

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  1. EndNote may come with more styles, but 1) they’re not always up-to-date on the CD [cough cough MLA style] and 2) that many styles slows down the application on our public computers.

    And really, 2500 styles is a bit of overkill at this small, liberal arts college. Students always laugh their heads off when I show them the list. Faculty, I’m sure, like the options though.

    At any rate, being able to import them is nice. Go Zotero for making it possible!

  2. Oh, totally. The nice bit about Zotero importing them is that you can pick and choose, and download just the ones you want. 99% of the time I use APA anyway, so I don’t usually care for my writing. But I do support it for faculty and students, so to me this is a huge point in Zotero’s favor.

    I’m desperately trying to ditch EndNote Web support in favor of Zotero, and this will be a step in that direction.

  3. You have been able to successfully use ENWeb? Impressive. Even I can’t make it behave nicely, and I’m tolerant of most anything…

  4. Ha — well, I’ve been successfully able to teach workshops in its use. I don’t do it any more, since I can’t in good conscience recommend it to students.

  5. Why in goodness sakes do so many journals set their own style? Surely any more than 10, maybe 50 “styles” is tweaking things with no good reason!

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