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NPR story on librarians at Comic-Con

I'm a few days late, but I don't hear a lot of NPR stories until they make it into the weekly podcast.

Librarians Harvest New Manga Titles At Comic-Con

"Many of them are themselves younger — part of a new generation of librarians who grew up loving comic books. To them, adding manga titles to library shelves seems like a no-brainer."

Being a bit of a con-geek myself, I had to post it.  I'm hoping that New York Comic-Con offering free admission to librarians and educators this year is the start of a trend.

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  1. San Diego’s Comicon is so huge and easily sells out months in advance, so I unfortunately can’t imagine that they would offer free admission to anyone, but it’s a nice gesture by New York. Maybe DragonCon could follow suit, though?

  2. I dare to hope. Dcon has certainly got enough of my money already. :)

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