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Librarian superheroes

Wow, I started a meme!

A committee at work was writing a sample letter to faculty, and we signed it "Librarian X."  Naturally, some of us started speculating that Librarian X must be a superhero, and at the end of the day I whipped up a picture of him on Heromachine to send out.

Here he is, fighting information illiteracy wherever it may occur: Librarian X!

Librarian X

Librarian X

Naturally, my colleague protested that he's male; fair enough, given the demographics of our profession.  I was instructed to make a female version (Librarian XX, to go with this Librarian XY).  I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Maybe they're a duo?

The other members of the Library League that I know of:

Librarian By Day

My Secret Identity

Alter Ego (I like his steampunky edge)

Book Girl

W!cKed (Intimidating!)

Drop a comment if you want me to link you here.  Ex Libris and Excelsior!

Edit: Created a Flickr pool!  More librarian heroes there!

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  1. I look forward to Ms X.

  2. I’m in – http://flickr.com/photos/christajoy42/2745086496/

    You know, you have to start a Flickr group for this now, right?

  3. Oh, that’s an idea, Christa.

  4. Here’s mine. Prolly has more weapons than your average librarian. Weapons of TRUTH. http://www.flickr.com/photos/infosciphi/2744282167/#

  5. i can’t stop making new superheroes. will call my next one “Productivity Zero!”.

  6. I’ve made 3 so far! I’m also totally blaming jason for missing my bedtime by 2 hours the first night I saw his I *had* to stay up and play with it! I’ve also got several coworkers hooked and it will be in my lesson for Learning 2.1 next week Thanks for pointing this out!