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Upcoming appearance: Atlanta Emerging Librarians

I'm very pleased to say that I'll be presenting to the Atlanta Emerging Librarians group again on September 27.  I gave a 20-minute talk last month on Promoting Yourself With a Personal Website.  I was really sick that day, and I'm glad they liked me well enough to ask me back!  For 50 minutes this time, even.

Anyway.  I'm tentatively titling next month's talk "RSS Tools for Emerging Librarians."  The organizers have asked me to include discussion of blogs and podcasting, and I'm looking forward to making this more than just a 101-style basics talk.  I'll probably do a 5-minute "What is RSS" bit at the beginning and then get into some nitty gritty examples of actual applications and what I think of as "stupid RSS tricks."  (And by stupid I mean "clever," of course.)

I love presenting to this group.  I feel like they're my peers, and it's informal enough that I can include LOLcat slides and dumb jokes to keep it fun, as long as I don't sacrifice the good information.  I'm planning to record the audio and post it here, of course.

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