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Edublogs, free blog hosting for educators (including librarians)

Okay, am I the last one to know about this?

Edublogs.org offers, well, you can read the post title.  Free blog hosting for librarians, teachers and students.  I just signed up, but from what I can tell they have it tricked out with all the bells and whistles you might want.  I'm thinking about hosting my next idea for a podcast project there.

Very cool!  I just wish I'd known about it when I gave my presentation on personal websites for librarians, since I talked about blogging and WordPress quite a bit.

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  1. If you’d read my book, Library Blogging, you’d have known about edublogs. :-) I looked at them, but didn’t like it for some reason. May have been data portability, I’m thinking.

    Anyway, look at it carefully. :-)

  2. Ha — added it to my Zotero to-read pile. :) I will take a careful look, and thanks.

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