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My LIS job feeds

Before I unsubscribe from all these feeds, and in support of my RSS presentation this weekend, I'm sharing all the librarian job feeds that I've been reading for the last year or so during my search.  In no particular order:

Combined LIS Job Postings from Library Job Postings on the Internet and LISjobs.com.

LibGig's job feed: searchable/customizable feed. I set it to search for Atlanta jobs, and only ever saw one posting here.  Maybe it just hasn't had time to catch on yet.

ALA JobList: also has a customizable feed -- enter your search and subscribe to new postings for your area/field as they appear.

As it turned out, I found the posting my new job not via RSS, but just by looking at the GSU website at the right time.  The posting did hit both the LISjobs feed and the ALA feed about a day later, though!

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