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Powerpoint from RSS presentation

Here are the slides from my presentation at Saturday's Atlanta Emerging Librarians meeting, on "RSS Tools For Emerging Librarians."  (Click the photo to download.)  I gave an overview of what RSS is, reading and subscribing feeds, easy ways to share and publish RSS, and how to incorporate RSS content into an existing page.

I tried to get an audio recording, but in the course of rebooting the laptop and hooking up the projector I lost my default microphone settings in Audacity, so the recording didn't turn out.

I'm not uploading this one to Slideshare since I used so many layered images I don't think it'll convert very well.  The Powerpoint file includes my sketchy notes -- I make no guarantees that they'll make sense to anyone but me....

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  1. Hello Jason:

    I recently started a Web 2.0 class and would like to thank you for this detailed power point presentation. I’ve only scanned it, but will be back when I have more time to take a more detailed look.

  2. I’m glad it’s useful, Carol — let me know if you end up using any of it in class! I’ve also got a full RSS workshop outline here: http://jasonpuckett.net/teaching/rss-workshop/

  3. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed the presentation. I also created a PowerPoint on RSS for librarians which is on Slideshare if anyone is interested (it goes into a bit more detail than this one on variety of ways to subscribe to feeds and gives some perspective on what purposes are served best by each method). http://www.slideshare.net/dawinarski/rss-for-librarians/