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Google to offer RSS feeds for search results

Google has announced that they'll soon be offering RSS feeds for search results as a new feature of Google Alerts, which currently works only via e-mail.  Google has not yet given a date for the new feature.  I wonder if it'll work with Google Scholar as well.

I wish I'd known this at my RSS presentation a couple of weeks ago!

Update: Chris Lang points out in the comments that Google already offers this feature for blog searches!

(via Search Engine Land)

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  1. Did you know that Google already offers RSS feeds for Blogsearch results? On my site now if you need a little more info.

    But think about this: What if Google added a FriendConnect widget to Google blogsearch? IT could be easily done since each search term now carries it’s own RSS feed.

  2. Very cool — I didn’t realize that Google had this feature. Why blog searches and no others, I wonder?

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