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Magnatune goes unlimited

Even as the new guy learning the ropes at GSU I'm feeling a little bit of the end of semester crunch and haven't blogged much this month.  For the three people out there who don't read Boing Boing, I wanted to share this story, though.

The online record label Magnatune has just announced that they're moving to an unlimited subscription model for their music.  Pay one monthly or yearly subscription fee and get "all you can eat" music -- all the DRM-free music files you want to download.

I really, really hope this business model is a success for Magnatune.  If vendors of digital information see more open models (no DRM, no artificially imposed restrictions on content use) succeeding, it's a win for all of us who work in, or use, libraries.  I immediately signed up for a membership.  (They also operate on a pay-what-you-want model, but I don't see EBSCO going for that.)

Magnatune link: "Membership without obligations"

(PS: I recommend "I Don't Know What I'm Doing" by Brad Sucks.  It does not in fact suck.)

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