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Emory University Libraries in Zotero Partnership

I am so disappointed that this announcement came after I left Emory:

Emory University Libraries and The Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University have entered a cooperative partnership on Zotero, the free, open-source bibliographic manager. A team of librarians, information technologists and faculty members led by Connie Moon Sehat, Emory Libraries' new director of digital scholarship initiatives, will extend research capabilities of the software in collaboration with Zotero's main development team.

Still, it's very cool that this is taking place and I'm happy to be bringing the Zotero love to GSU.  Full story here.

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  1. spread the love, jason. spread. the. love. :)

  2. I was disappointed to hear this news after *I* left Emory, too!

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