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Library Mythbusters beats the Dalai Lama

library-mythbusters-is-number-11For some reason, this episode of the library podcast I produced at Emory is the #1 download on Emory's iTunes U at the moment.

My co-producer Rachel Borchardt and I can't figure out why this particular episode is outdoing the Dalai Lama, Alice Walker and Salman Rushdie in downloads.  It was a bit of a departure from the formula we usually used.  Instead of introducing and discussing a resource (like primary sources or bibliography software) we did a top ten lists of misconceptions about the library and librarians as a sneaky way of promoting library services.

(It's not actually a video, even though that's a video player below. The Podpress player I use in my blog seems to think that all m4a files are videos.)

I thought it was a slightly goofy idea. Rachel, I am a big enough person to admit it when I'm wrong.

Also, now that it's official I want to congratulate Rachel on her new job as Research/Instruction Librarian at American University. We'll miss you in Atlanta, but AU is lucky to have you!

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