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Seven things meme

Enthusiastic bandwagoner Amy Buckland* tagged me for this: Seven things you probably don't know about me.  Her post is called "sept choses" because she's Canadian and therefore talks fancier.

I chose to reply to this version rather than the "16 things" version that's making the rounds on Facebook because it's less work.

  1. I lived in Bangkok, Thailand for three years with my dad, and graduated high school from the International School Bangkok. The only thing not fantastic about this was that after graduation my friends and I all moved back home, which scattered us to the four winds. I've recently reconnected with several of them on Facebook, which is very cool.
  2. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair with 1k of RAM. There wasn't much you could do with a computer at that point besides learn to program, so I learned a little BASIC.  I remember a friend and I writing text adventure games for each other to play.
  3. My wife and I met thanks to my first library job. I was going back to school and moving to a half-time position and the library hired her to take over my previous job.
  4. I was an extra in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam. Robin Williams did a stand-up routine for all the extras dressed as soldiers on the tarmac of the air force base.
  5. I've been a vegetarian for ... twenty years or so? Can that be right? Damn, I'm old.
  6. I'm a fanatical Lou Reed fan, but I don't own Metal Machine Music.
  7. I could eat Mexican food every meal and not get bored.

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*I kid, I kid. Don't hit me, Amy.

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  1. me, hit you?

  2. Love #3 – so romantic!

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