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Kindle 2

Amazon announced the Kindle 2 this week, as you no doubt already know.  I'm really into the idea of a friendly, portable, readable e-book device, and by most accounts the Kindle is pretty cool.  But I've worked in libraries so long that I am just way out of the habit of buying books regularly, e- or paper.  I just can't see laying out almost $400 for a device that will allow me to spend $10 a pop on proprietary e-books that I can't move to any of my other devices.

When someone releases a Kindle equivalent that will allow me to save online books from my library, I'll be lining right up -- but so far every reader device I've heard of is so crippled by DRM that that seems unlikely at best.

Edit: For a good counterpoint (from someone who actually owns a Kindle), see Jason Griffey's post at ALA Techsource.

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  1. You know, every single story I read uses the “$10 on books” line, without two other pieces of info:

    1. You can put TONS of other books on there. Literally thousands of free books are out there, and not just public domain books. There are tons of free books available from publishers out there.

    2. $10 for a NYT bestseller is 1/3 the cost of the same book in paper.

  2. I was also frustrated with all the DRM junk and the lack of sane support for PDF, so I bought a netbook.

    Now I read PDFs, CHMs, and DJVUs in bed, waiting for car repairs, at the pharmacy, whatever. Plus Emacs so I can kid myself I’ll ever be productive on the go.

    Bigger than an e-book reader, yes, but 20x more useful (at least at this point). Also cheaper.

  3. JG — I agree they’re important variables to throw into the mix. And I fully concede that I’m speaking without having owned or even ever touched a Kindle! I will link to your Techsource post for counterpoint. :)

    I guess for me it’s mostly the price — like Kristina says, for the same money I’d buy a netbook that could do more stuff. If the Kindle were half the price I’d probably be all over it.

    Kristina, what netbook did you buy? I have half an eye on the Dell Mini.

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