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Saluting Unvocab

Greg Schwartz has announced that he's putting the Uncontrolled Vocabulary podcast on indefinite hold.  I wanted to take a moment to thank Greg for putting on such a great show for almost two years now: always interesting and often hilarious into the bargain.  I have always looked forward to seeing UV appear in my podcatcher when I synced up my media player on Thursday mornings.  I'm just sorry I never got around to calling in.  Thank you, Greg!

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  1. Yeah, what was up with that anyway? :-)

    Thanks for the kind words, Jason.

  2. Lots of good intentions, man. You know how that goes.

  3. I’m impressed Greg sustained it as long as he had. As someone well-versed in what it takes to maintain a labor of love, my hat is off to him. At least I have a couple back episodes to catch up on to tide me over.

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