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Congratulations M&S

Congratulations to this year's Library Journal Movers and Shakers!  I wanted to shout out to a few people in no particular order:

My GSU colleague Casey Long.  She's my mentor in the library's program for new professionals, and the longer I work with Casey the more impressed I am by her.  She deserves the recognition!

My online friends Jason Griffey, Michael Porter and Jenica Rogers-Urbaniek never fail to floor me with their dedication and intelligence.

And my very cool colleague Lia Friedman from the Library Instruction Roundtable Teaching, Learning and Technology committee!

I feel fortunate to know and work with so many innovative, passionate people.

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  1. Thanks a ton, Jason! I was thrilled to be nominated, and doubly thrilled to be included in a list with all those awesome people.

  2. Hey thanks Jason!

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