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Usability fail: New York Times

Dear online information providers: disabling your users' browsers is not the way to keep them coming back to your site.

I was trying to use the New York Times' online book review page in a screenshot as an illustration for a web guide this morning.  The feature I wanted to show involved the right-click context menu.  What happened when I selected some text on NYtimes.com and right-clicked?  This:

See that little question mark next to "Amityville Horror"?  That's where my context menu should be.  It took me about three tries before I figured out what was going on -- and I supposedly know what I'm doing here.

If you click on the question mark, it searches the NYT's site for your selected text.  Why would I want that instead of the standard right-click menu I've been using for ten or fifteen years?  (Hint: I wouldn't.)

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