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Ep 2 of Adventures in Library Instruction

It's up! We had fun recording this episode.

In the course of post-recording dissection, we all agreed that the interviews and discussion segments are a lot more interesting to listen to than the solo segments. We're going to to more of that in the future.

We're serious about wanting contributions from other people, so let me know if you've got something instruction-related you'd like to talk about on the show. I'll do all the heavy lifting and audio engineering.

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  1. Folks,

    Thanks for another great podcast! Would be interested to hear more specifics about demonstrating Wikipedia during a live instr. session. Especially how you might go about actually editing an entry (i.e., what to edit, what would this demonstrate, how much time would that take to show with context, etc.) and where and how that might fit into a wider discussion of info evaluation.

    Also, a suggestion: not sure if it’s even possible, but would be great to have a feature that allowed listeners to “Skype” or otherwise record a response or submit an audio comment that you guys and other readers could listen to and further respond to, similar to how YouTube allows video responses to develop into conversations.


  2. I agree, Dana — Wikipedia could totally be a show unto itself (and more). We didn’t even plan to talk about it; the show just kinda went that way. I imagine we’ll revisit it at some point.

    I’ve heard podcasts that include audio feedback from listeners, but I haven’t seen a plugin that would let us do that on the website (assuming that’s what you have in mind). If you spot one let me know; I would love to do that.

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