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ALA virtual participation recommendations

I've been working on the ALA Electronic Participation Task Force for a few months, and this week Cindi Trainor blogged about our recommendations on the ALA TechSource blog.

At present it's called the EParticipation Task Force Recommendations. Hopefully it'll get a better name at some point. Essentially this is a toolkit of free and cheap options to include remote participants in conference events. We've got links for different kinds of participation (audio, video, documents, etc) and different circumstances (one speaker, many, etc), and reasonably easy instructions for all options. This isn't just for ALA members -- it's relevant and useful for anyone. I wrote the bit on podcasting (naturally) and SlideShare.

We'll probably be talking about professional development without a budget on the next Adventures in Library Instruction episode. If you have questions or issues you think would be interesting to include, let me know.

EParticipation Task Force Recommendations

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