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Zotero: add items by ISBN, DOI, PMID

Maybe I'm the last one to discover this feature, but at some point Zotero 2.0 (beta, but I've been using it for months with no problems) added a really neat trick.

Click the magic wand button, "Add by identifier." You'll get a dialog box prompting you to enter an ISBN, DOI or PMID number. Zotero will grab the citation info online and save it to your library.

Handy shortcut if you've got a physical book in front of you and want to save a trip to Worldcat. I just added instructions to my Zotero guide.

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  1. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Another feature that was added some time is the automatic renaming of PDFs that are downloaded with COinS. (from JSTOR for example).

  2. Yes, I love this feature! I have found it to be very accurate and complete when adding journal articles that have a DOI.