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What’s up?


So what have I been doing since Internet Librarian a month ago? Anna rightly called me out for not blogging much this fall.

Well, we did another episode of Adventures in Library Instruction a couple of weeks ago, but you knew that.

I've been writing a lot for the last month. I wrote an article about LibX and Zotero for College and Research Libraries News, which I'll link here once it's up. It's also sort of a tie-in for a webcast I'll be doing for them early next year.

I also did an article for Georgia Library Quarterly, which I'll post here after it goes to print. It's for a column called "My Own Private Library," about librarians' personal libraries. I wrote about free audio books and fiction podcasts.

I'm trying to finish an article on DRM before I go out of town for the holidays, and I hope that's it for this year. (If I mention it in public maybe I'll shame myself into finishing it.)

Coming up next year, I'm doing a presentation on LibGuides and Zotero for the staff of GALILEO, a Georgia virtual library initiative. I'm also been asked to give an online Zotero workshop for librarians and staff of a New Jersey library system, and there's that ACRL webcast in March. In April, I'm giving a podcasting presentation at Computers in Libraries.

Plus, you know, doing my actual job too. In some ways my first fall back at GSU Library has blasted by like a jet-powered monkey-navigated rocket car across the alkali flats, and in some ways this has seemed like the endless semester. Lots of changes, and I'm looking forward to my new role as a subject liaison. I'm really enjoying learning my way around collection development and I'm looking forward to working on outreach next semester and getting to know the Comm department.

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  1. You are sooo busy. Surprized you have time for anything but work.

    Love you,


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