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I’m a Mover and Shaker

I'm proud, pleased and a bit stunned to announce that I've been named a Library Journal Mover and Shaker for 2010. It's hard to feel that I've done anything as interesting, innovative or exciting as the other M&S recipients, but I'm proud to be in their company and I'm looking at it as something to live up to and inspire me to do good work for libraries in the future.

If I've done anything to deserve recognition, I owe thanks:

To Beth Gallaway for nominating me and saying such kind things about me to LJ;

To my department manager Leslie Madden and Dean Nan Seamans at GSU for giving me a shot at the best job I've ever had and encouraging me to run on a long leash once I got here;

To Rachel Borchardt and Anna Van Scoyoc for making Adventures in Library Instruction with me;

To my past and present colleagues at GSU, Emory and in the Library Society of the World, from whom I continue to learn daily;

And to my wife Anne Graham and my friends and family who keep encouraging me in everything I do.

Congratulations to my fellow honorees, particularly my LSW friends and cronies Maurice Coleman (who has the most bad-ass M&S photo in history), Matthew Hamilton, Steve Lawson, and Josh Neff.

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  1. So proud of you. :) I meant everything I said :D

  2. you are so, so very deserving!

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