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Speaking at Computers in Libraries

Before I get too tied up in travel/conference prep, I thought I should post briefly to mention that I'll be at Computers in Libraries 2010 in Virginia next week. My co-podcaster Rachel Borchardt and I are speaking about podcasting as part of a session called "From Podcasts to Blogs and Beyond." The relevant bit of the session description is:

Podcasting is a low-cost, innovative way to reach out to users and supplement in-person teaching. Speakers discuss both instructional design and technological how-to, drawing on their own and other libraries’ experiences producing library podcasts for undergraduate students, and ways to integrate podcasts with other instructional activities.

We'll also be talking (a little bit) about our podcast Adventures in Library Instruction.

That's Wednesday April 14 at 1:30, in Track E, "Learning: Expanding Our Knowledge." I'll be there for the rest of the conference too, of course. Say hi.

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  1. can’t wait to get yer tweets from CiL. you putting the presentation up on slideshare??? xoxoxoxoxo

  2. We might put it on Slideshare, but you know… my slideshows are kinda useless on their own. It’s like: funny cat picture, cartoon, picture of an iPod, graph, then a slide that says “Any questions?” with my email address at the bottom. Wouldn’t really convey the essence of the presentation very well.

  3. LOL! how could i forget your ppt style????

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