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Do you teach Zotero?

I'm closing in on the second half of my Zotero book, getting out of the how-to chapters and into the (more interesting, I think) best practices stuff.

If you teach Zotero, either as a one-off workshop or a credit course, I'd really like to hear from you as I prepare to write the chapters on teaching and support. Please post here or email me (jason at librarianX dot net).

These are the standard questions I've been asking teachers. They're meant to elicit as much or as little commentary as you care to contribute. If I use anything you send me, of course I'll mention your name with gratitude in the acknowledgments!

  • How do you use Zotero in your classes?
  • Why did you choose to incorporate Zotero into your classwork?
  • How have your students taken to it? Any problems? Any notable student feedback?
  • What do you think your students have gotten out of using it?
  • I’d like to show some real-world examples of class assignments or teaching activities that incorporate Zotero. Do you have any you could share, and may I quote from your assignment in my book?
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