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Zotero book updates

Look at all this stuff I wrote!I talked to my editor Kathryn Deiss at ACRL yesterday, and I can say the following things about my upcoming Zotero book with a reasonable amount of confidence:

I'll be rewriting and editing through the end of March and maybe a bit into April.

The book will probably be available for purchase in May or June. We expect it to be on the shelves of the bookstore at ALA Annual.

The cover will be designed by Christian Steinmetz, our library's Creative Manager and (in his spare time) comics creator extraordinaire.

There will be e-book editions available from Amazon (with the usual non-optional Kindle DRM) and directly from ACRL (without DRM), hopefully simultaneous with the print release.

The table of contents consists of:

  • Introduction (how I became so invested in using Zotero)
  • 1. About Zotero (what it is, a bit about open source software, why I think Zotero rocks)
  • 2. Setting up (installing the Firefox and Standalone versions)
  • 3. Creating your library (putting stuff into Zotero, organizing and so on)
  • 4. Creating bibliographies and writing with Zotero (using Zotero with Word and other word processors, citing and writing and related topics)
  • 5. Zotero online (syncing, using group libraries, and using Zotero for collaborative work)
  • 6. Teaching Zotero (using Zotero with classes, teaching workshops in person and online, lots of real-world examples)
  • 7. Supporting Zotero (Zotero "champions," Zotero outreach on your campus, providing staff training, what your IT staff might need to know)

I'm using the rough draft as a text for my Zotero class for Simmons SLIS this month.

Thanks to everyone who's provided input and suggestions so far. I'll be really excited to see this thing go out into the world this summer.

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  1. We are very excited about this book, Jason! Thanks for being so great to work with and for being so creative with your content!

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