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Readability and Zotero

Zotero users are probably aware that it doesn't automatically include citation info like dates and author names when saving a citation to a website.

Yesterday, Amy Cavender posted an article to Profhacker explaining how to use the Readability plugin to improve Zotero's ability to save website citations. In a nutshell, clicking the Readability button generates enough metadata for Zotero to pick up the author name (although not perfectly in my screenshot example) and website title, and sometimes date of publication depending on the site -- and it also cleans up the Zotero snapshot, eliminating extraneous ads and graphics.

For more details, read the post:

Use Readability to Make Sites Zotero-Friendly (Profhacker)

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  1. Jason – you should post this to the Zotero forum as a bug report – I doubt that ajlyon will be able to get rid of the CNNMAY, but it should be possible to take out the “Innovation”.
    In my experience readability (and thus Zotero) doesn’t identify authors at all for most websites, unfortunately

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