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Zotero apps for Android

I'm slowing down from fall semester madness just long enough to mention that there are now not one, but two Zotero-related apps available for sale in the Android store:

Zandy, a client allowing library access/viewing/editing from your mobile device, and

Scanner for Zotero, an app that replicates some of the Zotero "magic wand" function by allowing you to scan ISBN barcodes to add items to your Zotero library.

I've tried Zandy just a bit and it seems to work fine for what I've done with it so far -- I haven't yet tried out Scanner, but both apps look promising and interesting. (Obviously, I'm not affiliated with either project.)

Edited to add: iPhone/Zotero users should take a look at BibUp, a project of the University of Fribourg.

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  1. Zandy only works on 2.2 and above (and I’m stuck on 2.1). Grumble. Scanner works as advertised, but wherever it is pulling the details from hasn’t added a lot of metadata. Publisher, for example. Rerouting the ISBN through world cat works, but then why wouldn’t I just use barcode scanner on its own? I presume these things will be tidied up over time.

  2. Zandy will hopefully move to work on Android 2.1 (and maybe as low as Android 1.6). There just a couple of things preventing 2.1 compatibility, and only a small pile of them preventing 1.6 compatibility.

    The hard part is that Google’s documentation for previous API releases is harder to navigate, and my only test device at this point is running 2.2 (I can test in an Android emulator running anything from 1.something to 3.3, but that really taxes my little netbook).

    If you send me contact info, I’ll send you a link to a 2.1 version when I have something ready to test. You can also keep an eye on the Github pages, and the version requirement issue in particular: https://github.com/ajlyon/zandy/issues/27

  3. Thanks for the information ! The University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, has also conceived a Zotero app, but for IPhone, which seems to be similar to Scanner for Zotero. It is called BibUp. Here is the address of the tutorial (in English !).

  4. The BibUp workflow is great! I’d thought of providing something similar in Zandy, but the Zotero API doesn’t yet allow attachment uploading, so I didn’t know how to make snapshots work in a logical and reliable manner. Uploading to an intermediate server and then just building off of the existing Zotero translators is a superb workaround for this limitation!

  5. I will update the post with a link to BibUp! Thanks, Catherine!

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