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Open Access week at GSU Library

DSC02280We observed Open Access Week at Georgia State for (I think) the first time this year. Our Digital Repository Services Librarian Amy Elliott organized a series of workshops for faculty this week, and we kind of blogged the hell out of it on the library's website.

I contributed a short post this morning about why OA should matter to undergraduates, and plugging the Colonial Academic Alliance Undergraduate Research Journal, a multi-institutional OA journal hosted by the GSU Library.

I'm really pleased that GSU is actively advocating for OA now. It's something I've personally believed in for several years and it's cool to see my institution stepping up. (The recent copyright lawsuit has brought access issues like OA to the attention of more people on campus, which is a positive side effect of a bad situation.)

I'll end by co-signing a statement that my friend Amy Buckland made a month ago on her blog -- I decided this a while back, but it's a good public statement to make during OA Week:

"from now on, i will only review articles for, sit on editorial boards of, and publish in, open access journals."

Right on, Amy -- me too.