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ALI episode 34: teaching discovery layers

This month on Adventures in Library Instruction we talked about discovery layers: what they are, how we think students use them, and how we use them in the classroom.

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  1. Another great discussion folks! One question on discovery layers: once students get a taste of and get good at using it, what are the chances they’ll ever want to go back to using the subject-specific databases, especially in this age of increasingly multidisciplinary topics, limited time, and ever-evolving database interfaces? I fear that is the largest danger of of discovery layers, although I’m not totally convinced it’s even a danger for most. In other words, teaching students library systems in the first place is kind of meaningless since these are not the tools they’ll be using out in the real world.. Your thoughts?

  2. Thanks, Dana! We’ll certainly bring your question to the next episode. Great discussion topic!

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