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Keynoting Web 2.You 2011

I've been invited to give the keynote speech at Web 2.You at McGill University in Montreal on February 11, 2011. I'm really flattered and pleased to be asked, and I'm very excited to visit Montreal for the first time.

I'm just starting to think about the presentation, but odds are good that I'll mention open source software, open access, and DRM. I'll try to archive the speech in some form so I can share it online afterward.


Presentation at COMO Athens GA next week

Just a quick note to say I'll be presenting a session called "Zotero: Using, Teaching and Supporting The Open-Source Citation Tool" at the Georgia COMO conference in Athens next week. (This is indeed my Year To Talk About Zotero a Lot.) It'll be a little bit of how-to, but mostly about why open source is good, why Zotero is my reference manager of choice, and its potential for researchers, librarians and teachers. It's Thursday October 14, 4:30pm in Athena Ballroom J. Say hi if you can make it.


Speaking at Computers in Libraries

Before I get too tied up in travel/conference prep, I thought I should post briefly to mention that I'll be at Computers in Libraries 2010 in Virginia next week. My co-podcaster Rachel Borchardt and I are speaking about podcasting as part of a session called "From Podcasts to Blogs and Beyond." The relevant bit of the session description is:

Podcasting is a low-cost, innovative way to reach out to users and supplement in-person teaching. Speakers discuss both instructional design and technological how-to, drawing on their own and other libraries’ experiences producing library podcasts for undergraduate students, and ways to integrate podcasts with other instructional activities.

We'll also be talking (a little bit) about our podcast Adventures in Library Instruction.

That's Wednesday April 14 at 1:30, in Track E, "Learning: Expanding Our Knowledge." I'll be there for the rest of the conference too, of course. Say hi.


What’s up?


So what have I been doing since Internet Librarian a month ago? Anna rightly called me out for not blogging much this fall.

Well, we did another episode of Adventures in Library Instruction a couple of weeks ago, but you knew that.

I've been writing a lot for the last month. I wrote an article about LibX and Zotero for College and Research Libraries News, which I'll link here once it's up. It's also sort of a tie-in for a webcast I'll be doing for them early next year.

I also did an article for Georgia Library Quarterly, which I'll post here after it goes to print. It's for a column called "My Own Private Library," about librarians' personal libraries. I wrote about free audio books and fiction podcasts.

I'm trying to finish an article on DRM before I go out of town for the holidays, and I hope that's it for this year. (If I mention it in public maybe I'll shame myself into finishing it.)

Coming up next year, I'm doing a presentation on LibGuides and Zotero for the staff of GALILEO, a Georgia virtual library initiative. I'm also been asked to give an online Zotero workshop for librarians and staff of a New Jersey library system, and there's that ACRL webcast in March. In April, I'm giving a podcasting presentation at Computers in Libraries.

Plus, you know, doing my actual job too. In some ways my first fall back at GSU Library has blasted by like a jet-powered monkey-navigated rocket car across the alkali flats, and in some ways this has seemed like the endless semester. Lots of changes, and I'm looking forward to my new role as a subject liaison. I'm really enjoying learning my way around collection development and I'm looking forward to working on outreach next semester and getting to know the Comm department.


Presentation at Georgia COMO tomorrow

Tomorrow (Thursday October 8th) I'll be giving a presentation at the Georgia Council of Media Organizations (COMO) in Columbus, Georgia. My friend and colleague Sarah Steiner and I are presenting a session called "Finding Your Voice: Creative Ideas for Beginning a Pod- or Vidcast Series." Say hi if you have a chance to attend.


Instructional Podcasting presentation handout

I forgot to post this along with the audio and slides the other day.  This is the bibliography and links that we gave out to attendees.

Web links

Emory Library Survival Guide Podcast:

"Podcasting" at Library Success Wiki:

Podcasting in Plain English video:

Podcast-friendly music

Internet Archive

Podsafe Audio

Podsafe Music Network



Audacity (free, Mac/Windows/Linux, audio recording/editing)

Camtasia ($299, Mac/Windows, audio/video recording/editing)

Garageband (part of iLife suite, $79 [cheaper at Amazon], Mac only, audio recording/editing)

iTunes (free, Mac/Windows, podcatcher)

Podpress (free, WordPress plugin for podcasters)

WordPress (free, podcast publishing)


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Instructional Podcasting presentation

This is the audio and slides from Rachel Borchardt's and my presentation at the GALILEO/GOLD Users Group Conference, August 1st 2008.  (PS: I finally remembered to post the handout.)


Download PowerPoint Version

The following Creative Commons license applies to both the audio and the slideshow file:

Creative Commons License
Creating an Instructional Podcast by Rachel Borchardt and Jason Puckett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.


Librarian Ink

Yesterday Rachel and I gave our presentation on instructional podcasting at the GALILEO/GOLD conference.  I felt like it went very well, and we got lots of very nice feedback afterward.  We experimentally tried recording it, and if the audio came out okay I'll post it here soon.  (Note the lack of date commitment.  I have a busy few more days ahead of me as I finish up school.)

But that's not the point of today's post.  I want to show off the graduation present I got after the conference.

Photo credit: Rachel. Tattoo by my very dear friend Ron Hendon, owner of Midnight Iguana Tattooing, Athens Georgia.  Thank you, Ron.

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I usually try to post about once a week or so, but I'm coming up on crunch time at school (I graduate with my MLIS in just over a week). It has eaten my life.

Tomorrow, Rachel Borchardt and I are presenting on instructional podcasting at the GALILEO/GOLD conference in Athens.  I am anxious but excited -- they have put us in the Big Room because we had the most signups of any session in our time slot!


I got to meet Cory Doctorow!

Jason & Cory

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I was, and am, way too excited about this.

Massive kudos to ALA for inviting him to come to Annual. I only wish his Sunday session on privacy had been better promoted -- it was one of the best ones I attended at the conference.