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ALI podcast episode 39

This month on Adventures in Library Instruction we're joined by someone I've wanted to invite on the show for a while -- Rachel's American U colleague (and my fellow communication librarian) Robin Chin Roemer.

Given the time of year, this ended up being sort of a "back to school" conversation for much of the episode, and we talked about Robin and Rachel's research in bibliometrics and how it's informing their instruction.


ALI episode 38: community college

On this month's Adventures in Library Instruction episode, guest Julie Cornett joined us to talk about the challenges of managing an instruction program as the sole librarian at a community college. Enjoy!


Adventures in Library Instruction episode 37

I got busy this week and forgot to post over here, but we recorded a new Adventures in Library Instruction episode last week. Cate Hirschbiel from  Lesley University and the Art Institute of Boston joined us for a discussion of how best to help the last-minute student researcher, among other stuff!


ALI conversation with Char Booth

This month on Adventures in Library Instruction we talked with Char Booth, author of the excellent book Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning: Instructional Literacy for Library Educators.

It's a great conversation -- hope you enjoy it.


ALI episode 35 with Meredith Farkas

Yesterday we recorded Adventures in Library Instruction episode 35, sadly without Rachel this month but with special guest Meredith Farkas. We talked about her latest American Libraries column "The Guide on the Side," and about the role of learning objects and scalable online instruction generally. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Anna for producing and editing!


ALI episode 34: teaching discovery layers

This month on Adventures in Library Instruction we talked about discovery layers: what they are, how we think students use them, and how we use them in the classroom.

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ALI episode 32

New episode of Adventures in Library Instruction! Get it here.


ALI podcast episode 30 “Let the Games Begin”

For episode 30 of  Adventures in Library Instruction we were joined by guests Theresa McDevitt andRyan Sittler, editor of and contributor the book Let the games begin!: Engaging students with field-tested interactive information literacy instruction. We talked about the role of games in the library classroom and their value as a teaching tool. Thanks, Ryan and Theresa!



ALI episode 28

This month on Adventures in Library Instruction (well, technically last month, since we're still counting it as July's episode) we talked to Lynda Kellam, data librarian at UNC Greensboro.


Adventures in Library Instruction episode 26

New podcast episode!

This month we talked about Lori Reed and Paul Signorelli's new book, Workplace Learning and Leadership: a Handbook for Library and Nonprofit Trainers. Lots of good discussion about training and its relationship to instruction.