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Creative Commons instructional materials at GSU

screenshot-21-georgia-state-university-libguides-zotero-home-research_library_gsu_edu_zoteroI just got the go-ahead to license our online instructional materials -- tutorials, future planned podcast, etc. -- with Creative Commons licenses to encourage other libraries to use and build on them.

I made the inquiry since I'm planning on starting another instructional podcast for students before spring semester is out (knock on wood) and I wanted to CC license that.  I am so impressed: I asked my boss, who asked her boss, who had a thumbs-up from GSU's legal department within a few hours.  At no point in the chain did anyone ask "Creative what?", which I take as a good sign for the Creative Commons project.

So this morning I went through all of my Libguides and added CC licenses.  It was possibly the geekiest thing I've ever been excited about.


Promoting Yourself With a Personal Website

These are my slides and notes from a talk I gave on July 12 at the Atlanta Emerging Librarians meeting at Georgia State University.  I had a great time presenting, despite having a 101 degree fever and a voice rather like Dr. Girlfriend's.  I promised that when I posted these I'd also include a link to Creative Commons, which came up during the Q&A.  Grab the Powerpoint file, or the slides are also up on Slideshare.