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ALI episode 35 with Meredith Farkas

Yesterday we recorded Adventures in Library Instruction episode 35, sadly without Rachel this month but with special guest Meredith Farkas. We talked about her latest American Libraries column "The Guide on the Side," and about the role of learning objects and scalable online instruction generally. It was a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to Anna for producing and editing!


Adventures in Library Instruction episode 26

New podcast episode!

This month we talked about Lori Reed and Paul Signorelli's new book, Workplace Learning and Leadership: a Handbook for Library and Nonprofit Trainers. Lots of good discussion about training and its relationship to instruction.


ALI episode 25

For our second anniversary of the Adventures in Library Instruction podcast, we teamed up with our old colleague Erin Mooney from Emory U.



Podcasting presentation at Computers in Libraries

Just a quick note to mention that I'll be co-presenting on "Podcasting for professional development" at Computers in Libraries 2011 in Washington DC next week, with my AdLib Instruction colleague Rachel Borchardt and our counterpart Maurice Coleman from the T is for Training podcast.

We're presenting on the Training and Learning track, session E303 at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, March 23 (we have the second half of the hour).


Adventures in Library Instruction episode 20

In which we talk to Mary MacDonald of the University of Rhode Island about all kinds of info literacy stuff. Special thanks to Mary for doing a re-take when our audio from last week mysteriously vanished.


September ALI episode

Hi! Remember me? Been busy.

We found time around Rachel's and my vacations to record an Adventures in Library Instruction episode. I will point out that it was recorded at least three hours before October began on the east coast of the U.S., so we're technically correct* in calling it the September episode.


*("the best kind of correct" --Futurama)


Adventures in Library Instruction episode 17

New episode of ALI went up today! Anna fans will rejoice to hear her back on the show after maternity leave from her podcasting duties.

We had a loose theme of collaboration this episode: teaching partnerships, campus initiatives and institutional outreach. Hence: Episode 17: Collaborama!


Speaking at Computers in Libraries

Before I get too tied up in travel/conference prep, I thought I should post briefly to mention that I'll be at Computers in Libraries 2010 in Virginia next week. My co-podcaster Rachel Borchardt and I are speaking about podcasting as part of a session called "From Podcasts to Blogs and Beyond." The relevant bit of the session description is:

Podcasting is a low-cost, innovative way to reach out to users and supplement in-person teaching. Speakers discuss both instructional design and technological how-to, drawing on their own and other libraries’ experiences producing library podcasts for undergraduate students, and ways to integrate podcasts with other instructional activities.

We'll also be talking (a little bit) about our podcast Adventures in Library Instruction.

That's Wednesday April 14 at 1:30, in Track E, "Learning: Expanding Our Knowledge." I'll be there for the rest of the conference too, of course. Say hi.


ALI episode 12: Learning objects

We just posted episode 12 of the Adventures in Library Instruction podcast. Our guest Lauren Pressley joins us to talk about learning objects: what they are and how we make and use them. More info here or just press play below.


Podcasting cybertour slides from IL2009

This is a quickie post -- I'm just back from Internet Librarian 2009, and several people at my podcasting cybertour asked me to post my slides. So, here!

I'm never really convinced that my slideshows are much use on their own (otherwise why bother presenting? You could just look at the slides).

I had a good time slot and a lot of people turned up for this session -- I'm just sorry I only had 15 minutes!