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New Circulating Ideas podcast

My former Emory colleague Steve Thomas is producing a new podcast series called Circulating Ideas. He'll be interviewing interesting and innovative librarians, starting with Buffy Hamilton in episode 1, which came out last week. It's well worth a listen -- as always, Buffy is thoughtful, passionate about the profession, and eloquent, and Steve does a great job with the interview -- and I'm looking forward to forthcoming episodes a great deal. Follow the podcast on twitter @circideas.


ALI episode 23

I'm a few days late posting this here, but if you don't subscribe to the Adventures in Library Instruction feed you may want to check out our latest episode. We talked with Iris Jastram about Google Scholar, her "subversive handouts" and more.


Ep 3 of Adventures in Library Instruction

Episode 3 of the Adventures in Library Instruction podcast is up. In case you don't subscribe to that feed, here it is for your convenience.

We were serious about wanting some new voices on the show, and we got distance librarian Dana Longley of Empire State College SUNY to join us for this episode. It went great, despite some Skype glitches, and I think we'll continue to invite special guest stars.


PodCastle: In the House of the Seven Librarians

For fun on a Friday:

This week the fantasy fiction podcast Podcastle published In the House of the Seven Librarians, a fairy tale about a foundling raised in the Carnegie Library.  Don't look for it to break any stereotypes about librarians being fussy women with hair buns, but... it's a fairy tale.  That's not what it's for.  Enjoy.